2020, Baarlo, The Netherlands

WCRT5 Program

The Program will consist of the following:


Plenary Lectures have a strong scientific focus and are mainly theoretical and research-oriented. These lectures will be delivered by leading professional in the area, basic scientists and other professionals invited by the Scientific Committee. These 45 minute lectures, will cover the major topics of the Congress theme.


Debates will  offer a lively and fruitful discussion on controversial issues. A chairperson will moderate whilst four speakers will offer and challenge opinions on different subjects linked to the Congress theme.


The WCRT5 will serve the educational mission of the EARTh by providing high-quality Continuing Education Courses, covering important aspects of the Congress theme. The Courses will have a strong clinical focus. They will provide a complete update on some significant aspects of current treatments as well as updates on the most recent developments in the field. They will last two days. Fees are charged separately for the courses.


Workshops devoted to specific topics related to the Congress theme will last 3 hours and will focus on clinical practice in PLT/RT and At least 50% of the time will be devoted to demonstration activities.


Authors are invited to present their new research findings or important ongoing research as posters related to the Congress theme. There is no limitation concerning the number of presented posters. Selected posters will have the opportunity to present a short oral presentation as well as upload their presentation to an ePoster Archive.

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Following the World Congress for Regression Therapy (WCRT7) in the Netherlands in 2020, we plan to launch WCRT8 in 2023 as another step in the continuing promotion of regression therapy throughout the world. At this stage we are interested in exploring a potential location for the event and also a possible partner to work with EARTh to help organize and support it. If this interests you and you would like to see WCRT8 being held within your own country, then please register your interest by email to We will be happy to discuss the possibilities by email or by skype. We hope to hear from you.

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