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11 - 17 September 2017, Goa, India


Registration Prices

WCRT6 Price Chart per person SHARING A ROOM





Too Late!

INR 35,000

INR 59,500


Too Late!

INR 40,000

INR 64,500


Too Late!

INR 45,000

INR 69,500


01/08/2017 – WCRT6 Start

INR 50,000

INR 74,500

WCRT6 Price Chart based on SINGLE ROOM





Too late!

INR 47,000

INR 79,500


Too late!

INR 52,000

INR 84,500


Too late!

INR 57,000

INR 89,500


01/08/2017 – WCRT6 Start

INR 62,000

INR 94,500


Exchange rate of Rupees 75 per Euro (as of July 15 2016) used for calculation. Please note that the Congress fee is Indian Rupees and all transfers from other currencies will need to be for that amount only.

Participants will need to check currency conversation/exchange rates on the day of registration.

Participants will need to pay the full fee of the Congress, hence the Bank transfer fee will need to be borne by the participants.

PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend that payments are made in Indian Rupees via Transferwise https://transferwise.com as bank transfer fees have shown themselves to be unpredictable and excessive to both the sender and receiver. Participants may find an unexpected extra charge when paying via Paypal, Worldpay or their bank transfer system.

INR 2250 DISCOUNT for Earth Association Members and Members of Sponsors Associations and Organizations

INR 2250 DISCOUNT for registration in Pre-congress and Congress together.

PRICE INCLUDES Hotel nights from 11-19th if you are attending the pre congress and congress. 14th-19th if you are only attending the congress.  All meals, 2 lt water per day, Pre-congress and Congress material (as applicable), coffee-breaks, meals and entertainment, transfer from airport or train station (20 people together in 1 trip), 1 free taxi trip per person to wherever in Goa you like - PROVIDED there are four people per trip. Finally one day city tour of Goa is included.

NOTE for Early Birds: If you book super early and early, you get your room close to the conference hall. Later on the room will be allotted according to the availability.


Up to June 1st 2017 a 75% refund will be given. From June 1st till August 1st a 50% refund will be given. Refunds will not be given after August 1st. This refers to the entire fees of pre-congress, congress and hotel costs.

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Participant Pre-Congress course 11-13 September   Participant Congress 14-17 September   Participant both pre and congress 11-17 September   Participant optional tour of Goa September 18  
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We have added the 11th as the first day because you have to stay overnight in the hotel since the workshops start early in the morning.

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If you are a student member or other, please tell us which school you are attending or which profession you have in the remark section remarks

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Following the World Congress for Regression Therapy (WCRT6) in Goa September 2017, we plan to launch WCRT7 in 2020 as another step in the continuing promotion of regression therapy throughout the world. At this stage we are interested in exploring a potential location for the event and also a possible partner to work with EARTh to help organize and support it. If this interests you and you would like to see WCRT7 being held within your own country, then please register your interest by email to info@earth-association.org We will be happy to discuss the possibilities by email or by skype. We hope to hear from you.
Applications to host WCRT7 are now closed.

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