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Dates: 17-18 October 2011 (two days)
There are two courses available as pre-congress. You can find details when you clink to below pictures

Hans TenDam    Trisha Caetano

Hans TenDam
Pre-Workshop: “Transpersonal Integrations”

Integration usually happens towards the end of a session or of a series of sessions. We may integrate an inner child with the present adult, we may integrate other split-off parts of the present personality or of past personalities, we may integrate past lifetimes with the present lifetime, or with each other.

But sometimes, often unplanned, we find that we are integrating on the soul level, transcending work on our diufferent personalities. I found four or five integration experiences that I usually call the Great Integrations. They are usually almost mystical experiences.

  • Integrating the Male and the Female aspects
  • Integrating the Child and the Adult aspects
  • Integrating the Human and the Animal aspects
  • Integrating the Incarnate and the Discarnate, or the Physical and the Spiritual, or Body and Soul
  • Sometimes: Integrating the Terrestrial and the Extraterrestrial

In group sessions and individual sessions these aspects and their integration will be explored.
For experienced therapists only.

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